Eight short years ago, Blue Wasabi Sushi & Martini Bar opened in Scottsdale. Wow, so much has changed over those eight years. The housing market exploded and then promptly imploded, the Arizona Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl, the Boston Red Socks finally won a World Series – while, the Cubs STILL couldn’t win one – and all the while, Blue Wasabi Sushi & Martini Bar was serving the freshest and most unique sushi and martinis in Arizona.

We want to celebrate our eight year anniversary with you, our loyal guests.

While many give cards, flowers and chocolate for anniversaries, we want to give you free sushi! Did we mention we’re talking about in your home?Just picture the surprise on your guests’ faces when they see that Blue Wasabi Sushi has moved into your kitchen, sushi chef and all. Yep, we are offering to bring the Blue Wasabi Sushi and Martini Bar experience to your place.

Between Valentine’s Day this February 14th and Leap Day, February 29th, each time you enjoy a Blue Wasabi dining experience we will enter you into a raffle with the chance to win sushi in your kitchen with a BW Sushi Chef. And to show his appreciation, Blue Wasabi Sushi’s owner, Jim “The Irish Dragon” Moran, will be serving you in your home.

When your guests ask, “Who’s that goofball serving us?” you can say, “Oh, that’s Jim. He owns Blue Wasabi Sushi! – Yep, you got it like that!”

Imagine, your guests tweeting away, checking in on Facebook and Foursquare from your home. You’ll be the talk of the town!

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Can’t want to celebrate with you!

Now, normally when you hear about a promotion on the radio or TV there is a nice calm voice telling you WHY you should enter the promotion and the BENEFIT of doing so only to be followed by another voice listing the TERMS AND CONDITIONS at lightening speed, well we aren’t going to do that to you, what’s the point of entering anything if there is a long list of RULES right? We only have 9, they are pretty straight forward:

Official Rules for the Anniversary Sushi in Your Kitchen with a BW Sushi Chef Giveaway:

1. Every Blue Wasabi customer is eligible to win Sushi in Your Kitchen with a BW Sushi Chef after submitting an entry form to your server.

2. Entry slips will be given to you and your guest with the final check.

3. To give everyone an equal chance to win Sushi in Your Kitchen with a BW Sushi Chef, we can only allow one entry per visit. The Sushi in Your Kitchen with a BW Sushi Chef contest will run February 14th through the 29th 2012.

4. The winner of the Sushi in Your Kitchen with a BW Sushi Chef will be chosen on March 1st 2012 and will be announced on the Blue Wasabi’s Facebook, Twitter, and blog, yep we want everyone to know you are the big winner!

5. Because it’s our 8th Anniversary, The Winner will receive one catered dinner for 8 at their home prepared in your house by a Blue Wasabi sushi chef and the owner of Blue Wasabi.

[Surely you can find seven other people that want to enjoy Arizona’s best sushi with you right?]

6. The catered party must be on a Monday thru Thursday (Friday, Saturday & Sunday excluded) and be used no later than April 30, 2012.

7.  While we would love to bring every item to your home, some items from the Blue Wasabi menu will not be available for the catered dinner (they don’t travel well). We’ll collaborate with the winner to create the perfect menu for the meal.

8. If you can put a value on this promotion, we would have to say it’s approximately $500, this depends on the finalized menu chosen by the owner of Blue Wasabi and the winner.

9. No beverages will be supplied (this is a food and service only gig).