As a restaurant owner, I wear many different “hats”. Let’s see, there is the “Owner” Hat, The “Entertainer” Hat, The “Boss” Hat, The “Director Of First Impressions” Hat and among others the “Experience” Hat. Depending on what day and time you visit Blue Wasabi Sushi and Martini Bar will determine what “Hat” I am wearing. Recently I started working more on the “Experience” that is, the time you spend with us here at Blue Wasabi Sushi and Martini Bar. How can we make experiencing Blue Wasabi easier? Better? Well, after months of searching we think we found it. Introducing Blue Wasabi Sushi & Martini Bar Interactive Menu.

The next time you visit Blue wasabi Sushi in Gilbert, Arizona or Scottsdale, Arizona you are going to notice a slight change. No we have not pained the joint, nor did we move things around, this really would not be an “experience” for you – our guest. We added an interactive menu in the form of iPad’s at select tables throughout our Gilbert and Scottsdale Locations.

Have you ever looked at a menu and thought, “I wonder what that looks like?” or maybe “I wonder what is in that?” Well, you will be able to see our awesome rockstar sushi rolls and amazing martini’s on our new interactive menu. In addition, we are adding videos demonstrating how our rolls and martini’s are made.

So there you have it. This is the new Interactive Menu at Blue Wasabi Sushi and Martini Bar. Come on by and visit us in either of our Gilbert or Scottsdale locations, try out the Interactive menu and try out the latest winner of our Chuck Norris Challenge.

I would love your feedback, please leave your comments below.