There’s no reason to be blue when Sunday rolls around and your weekend winds down. When you wear the color blue on any Sunday into Blue Wasabi, you’ll receive 50% off your alcoholic beverages throughout the day! It’s time to look forward to Sunday – it’s the best day at Blue Wasabi!

Let’s be honest though, who can visit Blue Wasabi and not indulge in our tantalizing cuisine? In honor of Blue Sunday, we’re running down the list of unforgettably delicious menu items that start with the letter “B.” Drum roll please!

Berry White Martini – Start your night off with this blue, berry-flavored, brilliant concoction of Smirnoff Blueberry Vodka, blueberry-infused sweet and sour and white cranberry juice.

Baby Back Ribs – For your first course, enjoy our succulent and tender baby back ribs that are slow cooked in an Asian rub, then glazed with an incredible bourbon and pineapple sauce.

Badda Bing – Next, try a perfectly balanced vegetarian roll consisting of roasted bell peppers, asparagus, cream cheese and roasted garlic, topped with balsamic glaze.

Butter My Roll – This roll includes one of our favorite “B” words: Butter. It’s so good it nearly melts in your mouth. This truly unique roll rolled combines snow crab and cucumber inside, and is topped with fresh salmon sashimi, ponzu, salt, and of course, clarified butter. Yum!

Banana Nut Spring Roll – Be sure to save room for dessert! We take ripe bananas and roll them in crushed Macadamia nuts, then wrap them in a spring roll wrapper, and top ’em with ice cream, caramel, chocolate and whipped cream.

Buttah Face – For those of you who would rather drink your dessert, the Buttah Face is just what you’re looking for. It’s a sweet blend of vanilla vodka, Butterscotch Schnapps, amaretto and vanilla cream. This drink is the perfect end to the perfect meal!

For those of you who aren’t martini drinkers, feel free to enjoy 50% off any cocktail, beer or wine of your choice. However, if you’re having fun sticking to the “B” theme, then choose a Blue Moon, Bud Light, Belvedere on the rocks, or a glass of Borgo Magredo Prosecco every Blue Sunday at Blue Wasabi. It’s definitely the place to “B” on Sundays in San Tan.