Blue Wasabi Sushi

Three 6 Mafia Roll

Have you heard about it? You will. It’s called the Three 6 Mafia Roll and it’s “poppin” more than collars. To say the Three 6 Mafia roll is making waves at Blue Wasabi Sushi and Martini Bar would be an understatement.

Introducing rolls at Blue Wasabi is nothing new, let’s see – there is the Kiss My Bass, the Tail of The Dragon, the Marilyn Monroll, Wango Mango Roll but this one, this one is unlike any sushi roll you have had or likely will have. This one is special.

Think of this roll as the secret club only the “in crowd” knows about. That’s because the THREE 6 Mafia Roll is not on the Blue Wasabi Sushi menu. Only the “in crowd” knows about it – YOU.

If you have watched our videos in the past you know that Jim is always yacking about “texture and flavor”. Well, Sushi Chef Chris [below] has decided to take the texture and flavor thing to a whole new level by adding POP Rocks. Yes – this is the Three 6 Mafia Rolls secret ingredient.

Try The Three 6 Mafia Roll!

Take a look at how the Three 6 Mafia Roll is made below.


Come on in to Blue Wasabi Sushi & Martini Bar either in Scottsdale or Gilbert and ask for the Three 6 Mafia Roll Today!