A little over 2 months ago, Blue Wasabi announced the ultimate challenge at our Scottsdale Sushi Restaurant and Gilbert Sushi Restaurant locations. We called it the Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee battle of rolls – Sushi Rolls – in which we asked all comers to devise a challenger to the Chuck Norris Roll. This challenger would be called the Bruce Lee Roll but titled on our menu after the winner.

The Chuck Norris Challenge has come to an end and boy oh boy did Chuck take a beating!!! The Chuck Norris vs Bruce Lee ROLL contest called for one “winning” roll that could put the “beat down” on the Chuck Norris Roll, I have to be honest, I severely underestimated the talent of Blue Wasabi Sushi’s guests!

At last count there were 11 rolls that absolutely rocked and literally “knocked The Chuck Out!” I still have a few rolls to taste so there may be even more “winners.” Now, it is not possible to put a dozen new rolls on the Blue Wasabi Sushi menu so we need another way to recognize all of you who created these tasty treats.

My plan is to highlight one winning roll per month with the winning roll being featured on table tents throughout each Blue Wasabi Sushi location. The first roll will be featured starting on October 1st 2011. I had planned to post tasting notes for each roll created but there were over 100 so that idea quickly faded.

I would like to thank everyone that took up the challenge and invite you all to come try the winners. All winning rolls and most importantly – their “masters” will be announced shortly here on the Blue Wasabi Sushi Blog. Please leave your comments below.