Ever wished you could claim mad sushi skills as your own? 

Head on out to Blue Wasabi Gilbert at SanTan Village for Sushi School! 

Check out a preview of the class from a segment we did with Sonoran Living:

Sushi Class Blue Wasabi GIlbert Sushi School

Click image to play

For $49/pp, we’ll sit you down with our own sushi chef for a hands on session to teach you all you’ll ever need to know about sushi and how to make it like a pro.

Session prices include: 

*All sushi-making materials and accoutrements

*Two sushi rolls

*One order of nigiri

*Makisu (sushi mat) to take home

Additional food and beverages available at regular menu prices.

Want to stand out in the class? Having and bringing a high quality, sharp knife will steal you a unique advantage over your fellow classmates.

Availability is limited, so email james.moran@bluewasabi.net to reserve your spot today!