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Dine-in service is now open with limited capacity seating. For the comfort & safety of our guest, staff are wearing masks & gloves & hand sanitizer is provided throughout the restaurant. While we are currently not offering Industry Night on Monday during partial reopening, we have extended Happy Hour,  Mon-Sat 4pm-6p!  We will continue to serve up your favorite food & drinks via carryout, curbside pickup & delivery as well. So  you can enjoy your Wango Mango roll & your Wango Mango Martini from the comfort of your own home still if you’re not quite ready to join us back in the restaurant. Click here to view our full menu.


We are using DoorDash & PostMates for delivery services. If you are new to PostMates, use promo code: NOW100 to receive $100 free delivery credit. (Subject to change, see PostMates for details).

THANK YOU for your continued support of local businesses.


The Force is Strong at Blue Wasabi!

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It’s T-minus 15 days from the much anticipated release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and we couldn’t be more excited! And because we know you love the series as much as we do, this month leading up to the release on December 18, we’re raffling off all kinds of Star Wars-themed awesomeness. For every item you order from our very clever “Skyy Walker” menu, you’ll receive a raffle ticket to win amazing prizes like original paintings of Yoda, Darth Vader and Chubaka, along with Star Wars prints, kitschy light saber chopsticks (you know you want some) and even tickets to see the movie!

You’ll fight your father over the Yoda Roll, featuring deliciously tender tempura calamari, crab mix, cream cheese and avocado, and might even consider the Darkside when you try our Storm Trooper Martini, made with Skyy coconut vodka, Creme de Cacao, whipped cream and a crushed Oreo rim.

The more items you order, the more tickets you receive!

May the Force be with you!

Now This is Really Scary

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Blue Wasabi Sushi and Martini Bar will be open this Halloween. For those of you who are prepared to look danger in the face and laugh on this spooky night, we have the perfect bloodcurdling challenge: Survive the Tombstone Roll.

Our hot-hot-smokin’-hot roll is made with Panko Crusted Shrimp, spicy krab and cucumber, topped with albacore, avocado, fresh habanero peppers and ghost chili aioli. This is not for the faint of heart and there are no returns on this roll.

Thankfully, you can attempt to cool your burning lips with an appropriately colored concoction for Halloween evening: The Agent Orange Martini. This refreshing libation is made from a generous pour of every vampire’s favorite, SKYY Blood Orange Vodka, topped with triple sec, and orange, tangerine & pineapple juices. This handcrafted drink is tastier than a plastic pumpkin full of treats.

We hope to see you for a deliciously, daring good time at Blue Wasabi this Halloween!


Celebrating 7 Years in SanTan!

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Join us tonight for one mother of sushi-loving good time, as we bring Vegas to Gilbert for Blue Wasabi’s 7-11 Anniversary Party! The celebration marks 11 years of Blue Wasabi serving up some of the best sushi in the Valley and 7 incredible years at San Tan Village!

Take a spin at our roulette wheel to get in on the action, or order any item off our specially priced 7-11 Menu to earn raffle tickets for entry into exciting drawings held at 7:30, 8:15 and 9:00 p.m. Prizes include $50 and $100 Blue Wasabi gift cards, along with a not-to-be-missed $700 grand prize, featuring an in-home sushi party catered by a Blue Wasabi sushi chef for you and six of your closest friends. Blue Wasabi fans, be sure not to miss out – you must be present to win!

Collect two raffle tickets for any $11 item and one ticket for any $7 item below:


Gluten Free Sushi

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Blue Wasabi Gluten Free Sushi Menu

Blue Wasabi Gluten Free Sushi Menu

Going out to eat should be fun. Entertaining and of course delicious. Nothing is worse than looking at the menu of a restaurant and realizing there is nothing for you. Lately I have noticed a trend in our guests requests. It started as 1 per week and then went to one per day, then 2 then 5. It seems like everyone is asking

“Do you have anything Gluten free?”

We started to look into what it would take to make some of our Rock star sushi rolls Gluten free. Gluten is a protein that is found in foods processed from wheat and certain grains. Because Gluten is found in foods processed from wheat you would think it is only in breads, but you would be wrong. Gluten can be found in ice cream and ketchup as well.

In order to create a roll that was Gluten Free, we had to first know which rolls had Gluten in them. That meant we had to track down all of the ingredients in each dish. Not Is there Gluten in the Spicy Crab Mix? but is there Gluten in one of the 7 ingredients that make up the Spicy Crab mix, or the 6 ingredients that make up the spicy mayo or  the 7 in the Yum Yum sauce. And what about the Vinegar? Is it 100% vinegar? We had to find out. We talked to our vendors who then talked to their suppliers. Suppliers that were not here in Arizona but all over the world,  Japan, Korea and Vietnam. You would think that a simple

“Excuse me sir, but does [X] have Gluten in it?”

would be good but there was a language barrier.  We couldn’t simply send an email either as the alphabet is totally different as well.  They say “that that does not kill you makes you stronger” and I would have to agree. We spent a lot of time investigating and recreating some of our rolls and dish’s without Gluten. It made us better.

Check out the menu below and look at the delicious Gluten Free options we’ve developed for our favorite gluten conscious fans.










Blue Wasabi Gluten Free Menu

Next time you’re in to Blue Wasabi’s Gilbert or Scottsdale location, ask to see the gluten free menu and enjoy your meal without that pesky gluten!

Let us know what you think of our gluten free offerings by commenting below, tweeting at us, Facebooking us, whichever you prefer!

Spicy Rockin’ Shrimp Tempura For 5 Bucks?!

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Sushi Scottsdale

Spicy Rockin' Shrimp Tempura

That’s right, you can get the legendary Spicy Rockin’ Shrimp Tempura for only 5 Bucks from Sunday March 18th to Thursday March 22nd 2012!*

Ask and you shall receive. No I’m not talking about a genie and the lamp  – I’m talking about the Blue Wasabi Sushi & Martini Bar Facebook page.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Blue Wasabi page yet please check it out. We have a thriving community over there. A place where our fans can come together to discuss their favorite rolls, martinis, ask questions and leave feedback. Many businesses use their Facebook brand pages to market to consumers, not us. We use ours to listen and share.

What are we sharing?

Our rockstar sushi rolls and our signature martinis! We’re posting pictures and videos of HOW your favorite items are made. We’ve made videos for the:

We were in the process of making another video “Behind The Blue Wasabi Sushi video”  when we got a request for another item from a Blue Wasabi Fan.

Blue Wasabi Listens To Our Fans

















Jennie asked for a making of the Spicy Rockin’ Shrimp Tempura. Never one to disappoint, we couldn’t resist. We asked the great Chef Robert if he wouldn’t mind sharing some of his secrets with you – our fans. The making of the Spicy Rockin’ Shrimp Tempura is below. Thanks Jennie!



So, how can you get the Spicy Rockin’ Shrimp Tempura For 5 Bucks? Simply show this post (or our tweet or Facebook post about the Spicy Rockin’ Shrimp Tempura) on your smart phone or other mobile device to your server at the Gilbert or Scottsdale location of Blue Wasabi Sushi. [Limit ONE per party]

After you’ve tasted it, post your thoughts below, on our Facebook page or Twitter. We want to know what you thought of the Spicy Rockin’ Shrimp Tempura! Tell your friends, tell the world and as always, thank you for your support.

Do you have any other rolls you would like to see made? Please leave your requests below and we’ll do our best to make it happen.


*To get in on this smokin’ deal show your server our blog post, eblast, Facebook post, or tweet about the promotion!

Sushi in Your Kitchen Anniversary Contest Winners!

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February is over and it’s time to announce the winners of what was one of the most successful contests that we’ve ever held!

The eight-year anniversary raffle to win Sushi in Your Kitchen with a Blue Wasabi Sushi Chef for Eight had almost 2,000 entries! Apparently ya’ll love the chance to win free sushi!

We were more than humbled by your enthusiasm, and can’t thank each of you enough for making these last eight years in the Valley everything that a restaurant (and its staff!) could hope for, and more!

Have a look at this short video note from our own Jim Moran, to see him draw the winning entry (you lucky thing!) and deliver an added surprise!

And the winner is….


Rosanne, Jim will be reaching out to you himself to deliver a congratulations and to work out the details for the most rockin’ dinner party you’ll ever have!

And that’s not all! Just because we were all so grateful for everyone’s support, Jim has drawn an additional eight more lucky winners who’ve scored a [free roll] to redeem in there next Blue Wasabi visit!

Congratulations and another round of thanks to:

Yvonne Lara
Fran Oliver
Mike Henkelman
Juan Rodriguez
B. Burr
M. Gonzalez
Danny Saveski
Laurie Campbell

We’ll be reaching out to each of you to let you know how to redeem your free roll!

Happy anniversary to all of our awesome fans and followers – thanks for supporting Blue Wasabi and making it all that it is today!

Got an idea for what we should do NEXT time we’re celebrating [insert holiday, occasion, random love for ______ here]? Take to Facebook and Twitter and let us know! Be sure to check in with us on Foursquare to unlock access to more awesome exclusive offers for our biggest fans!

Blue Wasabi Sushi Introduces The Three 6 Mafia Roll

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Blue Wasabi Sushi

Three 6 Mafia Roll

Have you heard about it? You will. It’s called the Three 6 Mafia Roll and it’s “poppin” more than collars. To say the Three 6 Mafia roll is making waves at Blue Wasabi Sushi and Martini Bar would be an understatement.

Introducing rolls at Blue Wasabi is nothing new, let’s see – there is the Kiss My Bass, the Tail of The Dragon, the Marilyn Monroll, Wango Mango Roll but this one, this one is unlike any sushi roll you have had or likely will have. This one is special.

Think of this roll as the secret club only the “in crowd” knows about. That’s because the THREE 6 Mafia Roll is not on the Blue Wasabi Sushi menu. Only the “in crowd” knows about it – YOU.

If you have watched our videos in the past you know that Jim is always yacking about “texture and flavor”. Well, Sushi Chef Chris [below] has decided to take the texture and flavor thing to a whole new level by adding POP Rocks. Yes – this is the Three 6 Mafia Rolls secret ingredient.

Try The Three 6 Mafia Roll!

Take a look at how the Three 6 Mafia Roll is made below.


Come on in to Blue Wasabi Sushi & Martini Bar either in Scottsdale or Gilbert and ask for the Three 6 Mafia Roll Today!

Ladies Night Promotion At Blue Wasabi Sushi & Martini Bar

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Online Fashion Boutique


Ladies Night just got better. I know, I know what you are thinking “How could it possibly get any better – Blue Wasabi Sushi & Martini Bar already offers half off their signature Martini’s?” and you would be correct, but never one to rest on our laurels we couldn’t leave well enough alone.

Your favorite Scottsdale and Gilbert Sushi restaurant is bringing to Blue Wasabi Sushi & Martini Bar. Yep, the best fashion, the best martini’s and the best sushi all in one place on Tuesday nights in the month of March at Blue Wasabi.

During the month of March, when you buy a signature Martini you will receive a FREE tank top. Shop is an online boutique with designer clothing labels like Boulee, Frankie B, Chaser LA, Finders Keepers Label and more. is offering $10 off any regular priced item and [if you sign up for their free newsletter] 15% off your first order with




Watch the short video below to see what you will find at

So ladies, we hope to see you for Ladies Night during the month of March to receive your special offers from and Blue Wasabi Sushi. Oh and fellas. . .I know where I would be on Tuesday’s during the month of March.



The Fine Print [Everyone Has Some Ya Know. . .]

* Limit One Tank Top Per Customer For The Duration Of The Promotion
* Tanks limited to size and stock on hand
* $10 off and 15% [percent] off are one time only during this entire 4 week promotion
* Each Of These Offers Is One Time Only
* You Can Have As Many Half Off Martini’s As You Would Like

Ferrari – Carano Winery Selects Blue Wasabi Sushi & Martini Bar

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ferrari carano

The Perfect Wine For The Perfect Sushi

How do you thank your top performers? If you are the NFL you invite them to the PRO Bowl, if you are Major League Baseball  you invite them to play in the All Star game, if you are Ferrari Carano Winery you invite them to Blue Wasabi Sushi and Martini Bar.

Ferrari Carano could have chosen any restaurant, any WHERE to reward say thank you to their top sales performers. Like Ferrari Carano, they wanted something special. Ferarri Carano’s western United States sales manager said he loves Sushi, he lives in California, so he is used to good sushi.

The boys at Southern Wine & Spirits said “If you like sushi, you will love Blue Wasabi!”. They came in on a Thursday night where I took care of them. From the food to the drinks, I took the keys to the castle and ran with it. The only thing I didn’t select was the wine. You see, when you are the Western United States sales manager of one of the best wineries in the country you tend to have a little pull.

What kind of pull?

Well in addition to the classics including Fume Blanc, Sonoma County Chardonnay and Siena, they brought some sold out wines from the winery:

It was a great night, the next time you are at Blue Wasabi Sushi & Martini Bar  you too can enjoy the  Ferrari Carano experience by trying the traditional Yellow Tail Sashimi with Farrari Carano Chardonnay or better yet – ask for the secret stash of Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc and pair it with Blue Wasabi’s New Style Stryped Bass Sashimi or Nigiri

-Jim Moran