Blue Wasabi Gluten Free Sushi Menu

Blue Wasabi Gluten Free Sushi Menu

Going out to eat should be fun. Entertaining and of course delicious. Nothing is worse than looking at the menu of a restaurant and realizing there is nothing for you. Lately I have noticed a trend in our guests requests. It started as 1 per week and then went to one per day, then 2 then 5. It seems like everyone is asking

“Do you have anything Gluten free?”

We started to look into what it would take to make some of our Rock star sushi rolls Gluten free. Gluten is a protein that is found in foods processed from wheat and certain grains. Because Gluten is found in foods processed from wheat you would think it is only in breads, but you would be wrong. Gluten can be found in ice cream and ketchup as well.

In order to create a roll that was Gluten Free, we had to first know which rolls had Gluten in them. That meant we had to track down all of the ingredients in each dish. Not Is there Gluten in the Spicy Crab Mix? but is there Gluten in one of the 7 ingredients that make up the Spicy Crab mix, or the 6 ingredients that make up the spicy mayo or  the 7 in the Yum Yum sauce. And what about the Vinegar? Is it 100% vinegar? We had to find out. We talked to our vendors who then talked to their suppliers. Suppliers that were not here in Arizona but all over the world,  Japan, Korea and Vietnam. You would think that a simple

“Excuse me sir, but does [X] have Gluten in it?”

would be good but there was a language barrier.  We couldn’t simply send an email either as the alphabet is totally different as well.  They say “that that does not kill you makes you stronger” and I would have to agree. We spent a lot of time investigating and recreating some of our rolls and dish’s without Gluten. It made us better.

Check out the menu below and look at the delicious Gluten Free options we’ve developed for our favorite gluten conscious fans.










Blue Wasabi Gluten Free Menu

Next time you’re in to Blue Wasabi’s Gilbert or Scottsdale location, ask to see the gluten free menu and enjoy your meal without that pesky gluten!

Let us know what you think of our gluten free offerings by commenting below, tweeting at us, Facebooking us, whichever you prefer!